Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So we had CRAZY weather here today! We had a tornado watch all day and severe thunderstorms through about lunch time. I was at CPA for lunch and it was down pour and blowing like crazy...then the power went out of course. But like all crazy Nashville weather, by the afternoon it was sunny and no clouds in sight! I mean really?! Yesterday was also the one year anniversary of the bad tornadoes that came through Nashville, so it was very scary. On my way back down town from CPA I saw a few huge trees down, including a good size branch that fell on our drive way...right where my car would have been if I would have been home! (So glad I was not!) But after all the crazy weather we had a great Work Crew training and I went to a high school hockey with some girls which was very fun!

A tree that fell in the crazy weather we had!

Kate, Carrigan and I at the Hockey game...they wanted to be the photo a day!
Photo a Day Challenge
February 11, 2009

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