Sunday, July 26, 2009


So everyone loves getting mail. Like physical paper mail, not just some magazine or bill but just a sweet letter to hello and I was thinking about you. There is just something exciting about going out to the mail box reaching your hand in and finding a hand written letter from a friend! So today I have decided to write some fun letters to friends! Email is always so easy to communicate with people and with cell phone and texting we have all become quick communicators but writing and receiving letters is just so much more fun! Maybe this will inspire you to write a letter to an old friend, or even one that you see every day just to say thanks for being an amazing friend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Frontier Ranch!

So I have been a terrible blogger! But I have been in Colorado for the past month with not a whole lot of time to sit at my computer! We have had the craziest month but the sweetest best month ever! Like I said in my previous blog we had a ton of cases of the Swine flu while we were there and a ton of other crazy things that went on, but God used our month in a BIG way! Lost high school kids heard the Gospel and our last week at Frontier we had 100 kids stand up to say so! What a great way to end such a messy month.

I got to hang out with sweet friends I hadn't seen in a while and meet new friends! I loved being a work crew boss and loving high school kids and watching them give their life away for the month! What a sweet picture of true community and serving! I wish in a heart beat that I could live at Frontier Ranch with everyone from my assignment. You forget how easy life is at Young Life Camp until you come home and have to get back to reality! I had an amazing month and am still working through all the things God taught me about myself and how to love myself and others better! I love my job and miss all my sweet sweet friends!

Our First night in Buena Vista, Colorado!

Sweet friends matching!

The prank we pulled on Stacey!

I LOVE this woman!

Sweet Friend, Daniel and I on the 4th of July...I learned how to Texas two step that night!

Sweet Friends since 2003 reunited again!

Western night!

Fantastic Four!

Sweet Brittany! Just love her!

How could you not want to be in the Rockies looking at this?!

All the servers on fancy dinner night!