Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Frontier Ranch Flu

So I have now been at Frontier Ranch for 10 days! When we arrived it was a little different from any other normal assignment. The week before us had the Swine Flu in the camp so we all had to be very careful of where we went around camp to make sure we did not get it. We were all doing great until day 2 of camp when some Texas folks got the flu. we had to send the entire area home early, which was such a bummer. But they had already spread it to the other areas by day 3 every area except 1 had some case of the swine flu, so by day 4 all the areas were sent home early. Which was soooo crazy.

After just a day some of the Work Crew started feeling sick. Slowly they began to drop like flies. We now have 14 work crew and one work crew boss in isolation so no other work crew will get sick. All the assign team and staff are on medicine so no one else gets sick. Week 2 now we only have 2 areas that decided to come but it has been really great and no other people have gotten sick in the last 24 hours.

All the Work crew has been separated from campers this whole week which has been very weird. But God is doing big things here at Frontier Ranch and hopefully we will have 2 full normal weeks of camp to end our month here.