Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today was a very lazy day and I loved every minute of it! After finally taking a shower, I ran some errands and then my roommate Brooke and I went to Starbucks to see my friend Josh Johnson and his wife put on a concert. It was great! Then we headed downtown to get some food. After trying forever to find a parking spot we decided to just go to West End to a place called Rumba. It was so great. We first got some flat bread that was wrapped in a napkin....we unwrapped the napkin and just started eating then we noticed that the napkin had landed on top of the candle at our table and had burned a hole through it...oops! But the food was great and we had a great conversation! Then headed back home to decorate our house for Christmas!

Photo a Day Challenge
December 6, 2008

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Brooke said...

Thank you for not calling me the arsonist on your blog : ) Fun times tonight