Sunday, December 28, 2008

Corn Hole

Today was a long day but it was also very fun! After church Kirby, mom and Dad and I went to lunch to watch some football! The Vikings won! Yay! Then headed home for mom and I to start painting the Corn Holes that Daniel built for my parents last Christmas. My mom and Kirby came up with the design and today we drew it on them and starting painting! NC State for Daniel, Tennessee for me, and Appalachian State for Kirby! (NC State is the biggest since those are the game my parents will be bringing these to) We are not done yet but are getting there and will for sure be done by tomorrow but here is our progress...

the first one has a little more done on it!

And the other one! They are going to look great when we are done!
Photo a Day Challenge
December 28, 2008

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