Friday, January 2, 2009

Wii Fit

After yet another day of sleeping in my mom and I went shopping all afternoon. Then tonight we had some friends of my parents over for a game of Wii Fit. Kiona used to work with my mom at Ornamentea and stills works with her with The Handmaidens. So she and her husband and their cute little boy who is almost 6 came over for dinner and some Wii. We all did a little Wii Fit hula hooping and then we played a few games of bowling. It was very fun and I felt like i actually got was great!

Sweet little Nolan.

Nolan taking a picture of Kirby and I...I think his finger was over the flash.

Nolan trying to hula hoop.

Mom doing the hula hoop...she was good!

I believe I'm trying to catch a hula hoop that is being thrown to me!
Photo a Day Challenge
January 2, 2009

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