Tuesday, January 6, 2009

scrabble anyone?!

Today you will never believe it but it was cold and rainy again...I feel like I live in Seattle. It is just gross! We had our weekly staff meeting today and then had staff lunch! It was so good to be back with all the staff again. We always have a sweet time together. After lunch and getting some work done at the office it was time to hits the books! (well book really!) I am still trying to finish reading a book for New Staff and I have started to write my paper for it. I thought that I would be done writing papers when I graduated from College but i was wrong! At least it is about something I love! And while "trying" to write my paper it would only be appropriate for me to do something else...just to put it off a little more! Like play scrabble with Brooke!

Brooke getting ready to play another game...not writing her paper!

and we're off...

this is what Brooke titled our game after I beat her the last 2 times! Love it!
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January 6, 2009

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Brooke said...

I would just like to state that I am working on my paper but Holli has been distracting me with Scrabble!! So addicting and Holli you have have been playing since you were in the womb so that is why you are winning...I will say that you are a great Sensa and for that I thank you : )

Love Daniel Son