Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Euro Mullet

So a few days ago my friend Daniel and his friend Garrett came to visit Nashville from Tyler, TX. We had lot of fun hanging out. They got to tour the city a bit, shop, hang out with some friends at Friends Life, that they did summer staff with, go dancing on the town and just got to chill!
Daniel has his hair cut in what you would call a Euro Mullet and it's awesome! So one night he cut his friend Tim's hair into the Euro Mullet as well! It looks awesome! We all had lot of fun hanging out together while they were here!

Tim and Daniel showing off their Euro Mullets!

The spiked mullet!

All the guys....Derrick, Tim, Daniel and Garrett

Derrick, Mary Kendal, Tim, Garrett, Daniel and Me after dancing and hair cutting!

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