Saturday, April 18, 2009

Will & JJ's Wedding

After a busy morning with Nashville Young Life's Trash Dash (to help raise money for comp this summer) I drove to Knoxville for a wedding. I got there in time to have a quick lunch with my sweet friend Rachel and then headed to Will and JJ's wedding which was outside in Will's parents garden and it was absolutely beautiful! Everything about the wedding and reception was Will and JJ! I loved being there and seeing old friends! It was a quick trip, since I had to be back fro our end of the year Leadership!

Megan, Amanda and I (Two of my roommates from College) at the Reception

Megan and EJ

man oh man do I need a tan!

My sweet sweet friend Rachel Baker!

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JustCallMeKirby said...

In regards to your saying "man oh man do I need a tan" I would have to say that I disagree. You, my sister, are beautiful just the way you are! Happy Day!