Monday, April 13, 2009

A Journal for Jordan

So after a crazy busy morning starting at 5:30am I finally got to sit and relax for a bit to match Oprah! Today was a great was about "unconventional and unforgettable dads" First there was a single dad of about 8 kids...then my second favorite of the dads, a Man named Matt who is also a single dad after losing his wife 27 hours after his daughter was born. He has an incredible blog that yall should check out! His sweet baby Madeline is so precious! My first favorite dad though is a man named Charles King. He was a solider in Iraq. When he found out he was going to have a little baby boy his wife bought him a journal to write to his son in. She wrote every day to his son while he was deployed. He was able to spend 2 weeks with his son after he was born before being deployed again. He died 1 month before coming home in a road side bombing. But his wife published the journal and now his little son has these memories of his dad as well as great manly advice. What a sweet gift. Here is the book:

I am about to go buy it myself and start reading! And yes I was totally in tears while watching this episode!

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