Monday, November 10, 2008


So I am starting Young Life at a school..CPA (Christ Presbyterian Academy) that has never had YL there before and man it is harder than I thought! But the Lord is so faithful! Today I got to go to cheerleading practice and hang out with some of the girls....a few nights ago I went out to dinner with some and slowly but surely girls are signing up for camp this coming weekend...Praise Jesus! Please continue to pray with me for camp and for girls at CPA and for YL there...that kids would be interested in coming!

So I took a picture of the school/church as well cause it is huge and really nice but it didn't so much turn out so here is today's...kinda lame but ya know documents my day! This is the sign in the front of the school and church.

Photo a Day Challenge
November 10, 2008

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gummybears. said...

you are so great.
i cannot wait to be with you at camp... AS A CAMPER! :)
love your heart.