Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Football time in Tennessee!

So this Labor day weekend I took a trip to Knoxville for a fun reunion with my college roommates! We went to a UT Pep Rally Friday night, the UT game vs. WKU Saturday, where we won 63-6...GO VOLS! It was so good to hear 100,000 fans singing Rocky Top in a sea of orange! I just love it! :) Then Sunday was my favorite day of the year.....BOOMSDAY! The biggest firework show in the nation! We ate dinner downtown at Cafe 4 which was so good and then walked down to the river to watch the fireworks and listen to the music that is matched to the fireworks...it's incredible! And there so many interesting people there...it's like people come out of the wood works to come to this....I've never seen so many mullets and cut off jean shorts! Then Monday we just got to sleep in and then I went to visit Lita and her sweet baby boy Eli (who is 3 months)! All in all it was a GREAT weekend!

Kendal, Rachel and Me at the the Pep Rally (Sara Evans Concert)

Neyland's gonna roll and Neyland's gonna rock when a 100,000 fans sing Rocky Top!!!

Mo, Travis and me at the Game!

My Besta!

The Deane Hill girls! LOVE THEM!!!

Me and Kendal!

All my Single Ladies!


Mandy and I's only normal picture!


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christine said...

ew holli. the only pic you have of me not smiling... really