Sunday, March 15, 2009

cleanin' out my closet

So after being inspired by Kendal, who cleaned out and giving away everything she hadn't worn in the past year....I came home and decided to do some cleaning myself! I own LOTS of t-shirts! I had just received an email from a friend looking for Young Life shirts to bring to Macedonia to give to YL kids there. And so the cleaning began! I got rid of a whole bag of clothes and gave away a bunch of YL shirts (which was so hard!) And yet I still have 50 YL t-shirts as well as about 25 or 30 other random t-shirts! Really I could probably wear a different t-shirt or long-sleeved t-shirt everyday for the next 4 or 5 months without doing laundry...thats doesn't even count for my hanging clothes! Just CRAZY! So in other words everytime I go shopping and want to buy new clothes...remind me of this!

After the cleaning...I still have TONS of t-shirts!

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